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Rachel Dupard - R&B Performance

Rachel Dupard was born August 16, 1995. At the age of three, she could not speak, nor properly hear words due to an inner ear dysfunction. Doctors at Children’s Medical Center of Dallas recommended surgery to correct the problem. Still, following surgery, mysterious and still-unexplained complications had Rachel at the brink of death. 

After recovering in the hospital, three years of speech therapy and ongoing academic challenges resulting from delayed hearing, comprehension and attention deficit disorder left her with many feelings of uncertainty!

Although she recovered, the uncertainties, insecurities and loneliness many teens often feel while growing up, added more discouragement to Rachel’s efforts to be normal - to fit in; to belong, and be loved unconditionally. 

Today, she has overcome many of these challenges and celebrates her journey of determination to succeed against all odds. After graduating from Booker T. Washington High School of the Perfomring and Visuals Arts, she was offered four scholarships to study music and the performing arts.

It is our hope that thousands of girls, teens, young adults – and parents – will find encouragement and light in the darkest corners of their lives when they hear more on Rachel’s journey.

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